Wednesday, 28 February 2007

How technology has changed many aspects of culture and society?

In recent century technology has played an important role in culture and society and began to change many aspects of our lives and the term was described by Thomas in very general meaning of the word, made of the systematised acquired skills and applies in their dealings with nature. These can be said for instance, infrastructure which refers to basic system of communication (such as television, radio, print media and telecommunication) and vehicles (e.g. bicycles, cars, motorcycles, trains, ships, and aircraft). This kind of technology has been adapted very quickly to culture and society and it has become a part of our culture the way we share information and knowledge in society. Particularly, the way we access to information through computers and other kind devices in society and the way media present and broadcast information to us has modified many factors of our culture . It should also be noted that technology basically means knowledge about techniques, that tries to influence the behaviour of people whether by communication or by other form of technology. Technology and techniques are cultural products which form part of ongoing processes in society and the relationship is important to the society although it does affect the society and culture but in profound ways and therefore it can not be learned separately. It is difficult to depict culture and society as continues process and this is because of human nature can be easily influenced by new development techniques surrounding society. Therefore technology can be seen as something dynamic and continuously changing.

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